Hacker TShirts and Clothing For Hackers

I've worked in the Cybersecurity niche for a long time now and I thought I'd share some love with TShirts that I think would make great gifts for hackers and nerds within the industry. If you're seeking a gift for a Cyber Pro then many of my TShirts would come highly recommended!

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Highway To Shell TShirt

If you're an AC/DC Fan and you're an IT Professional then likely you'll get your nerd fix with th...


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Pirate Bay TShirt

Old Schoo and original - and amazingly, The Pirate Bay continues! Show your love to this epic and...


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Say Blockchain Again TShirt

Love Pulp Fiction? And - work with Crypto or other Blockchain Technology? Fed up with everyone ta...


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Born To Be Root TShirt

Feeling l33t? Then be proud and get yourself a "Born To Be Root" Hacker TShirt. Ideal for all the...


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Tor TShirt

Do you use Tor? Then show your love for this kick-ass technology and get a nod from fellow privac...


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Nmap TShirt

If you're a Hacker then you will know all about this Hacker Tool. Show your love and admiration f...


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DEFCON is THE Hacker's Conference to attend. Show your love for the Old-School Hacker Con with th...


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Kali Linux TShirt

If you use Kali Linux as your hacking Distro of Choice then show your love for it with this simpl...


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Another totally nerdy TShirt for Geeks, Hackers, and Cybersecurity Folk.


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